SHS dealing mostly with administration of apartments and complexes,home service and real estate. Other services offered by SHS under these three main tasks are;



We have divided into three types: Mini-Pack, Medi-pack and Maxi package. From the owner’s needs, we adapt a tailored package.


Besides home service and property management functions SHS as a consultant, supervisor-ownership and director of foreign firms.


Since the real estate market is constantly in motion, it is almost impossible for those who are not experienced or knowledgeable about the subject to estimate the value of the property.

Home Service

We have divided into three types: Mini-Pack, Medi-pack and Maxi package. From the owner’s needs, we adapt a tailored package.

Administration Task Include

SHS is working 100% under Turkish laws and regulations. SHS serves today more than 1200 apartments and 30 complexes which is 1 to 8 blocks.

Real Estate Services

SHS helps you find your dream house in line with the demands of our customers, and when you want to sell your property, SHS sells your property for the best price.

Cleaning Services

SHS provides professional cleaning services to our valued customers. We clean your apartments to the smallest detail, at the date and time you wish, around the hygiene rules.

Pool and Gardener Services

Due to the increased personnel costs, some apartments and sites prefer outside pool and garden services instead of employing 24/7 staff.

Consultancy Services

We provide consultancy services on many issues such as title deed transactions, municipal transactions, electricity and water subscription transactions, proxy transactions, inheritance and transfer transactions, attorney services, account opening transactions in banks, internet subscription transactions, etc.

Modification and Repair Operations

With its professional renovation and repair personnel, SHS provides renovation and repair services to our customers in line with your opinions.

Car Rental Services

SHS also provides car rental services to our customers. You can contact us for our services including daily, weekly, monthly car rental, airport delivery service.

Shopping Services

In line with your requests, you, our customers, share your shopping list with us before you start your holiday. In this direction, we prepare your packages and leave your orders at your home before you come to your home.

Airport Transfer Service

SHS provides transfer services to our customers from Gazipaşa-Antalya airports to Alanya, and from Alanya to Gazipaşa-Antalya airports. In line with your request, we also provide VIP transfer service to our customers.